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Novel Biocatalysts for the Production of Glycosides

Workplan A large and diverse collection of enzymes will first be established by sampling natural environments and by the mining of public (meta)genome databases. This enzyme collection will then be screened for activity on a variety of representative acceptor substrates from different chemical classes. This will allow the identification of the most promising biocatalysts for optimisation through (semi-)rational and random mutagenesis. The high-throughput screening of both natural and variant enzymes will be performed with newly developed fluorescent probes, that allow fast and accurate measurements of carbohydrate-active enzymes in a direct and non-destructive assay. The economic potential of our technology will be demonstrated by the development and scale-up of selected glycosylation reactions at pilot-plant facilities. The produced glycosides will then be actively marketed to potential end-users to promote the valorisation of the project’s results and to initiate future collaborations on novel target compounds.


December 2010 – November 2014
KBBE.2010.3.3-01: Robust and novel biocatalysts for industrial applications

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